There are some things money can't buy, like manners, morals and integrity.

Being with a private high class escort is a beautiful experience, and every escort loves a true Gentleman. If you treat her well with the respect she deserves, she will always look forward to seeing you again.

Since we already know you are a discerning Gentleman and don’t need to be told how to treat a lady we only ask that you read on if you have never booked an elite courtesan before, or have had any uncertainties/disappointments in the past, or wish to know how to get the best experience and response from your discreet high class escort. If it is just simple information you wish to know, please have a look through our FAQs page which should answer any questions you may have.

Firstly, hygiene is very important. It is important that your escort enjoys you as much as you enjoy her. Always be freshly showered, well groomed  and ensure your breath is fresh. We can assure you our ladies will only ever arrive the same!

If an escort is visiting your home, always provide clean linen and a fresh towel. Tidy up a little, and make sure the bathroom is clean. She is a guest in your home, and will appreciate your efforts.

It is important for a high class escort to feel secure and relaxed. It is your responsibility to ensure that nobody else will be arriving home while your escort is present.

If you decide to book a Maid of Honey high class escort for a weekend or travel companion appointment, please ensure she is kept in the same high standard of accommodation and security she is accustomed to. She will not be comfortable to spend time with someone who is cutting corners. If you have a lower budget, please book an escort who is on a level you can manage.

 Our discreet outcall escort agency does not respond to calls from a private number, so ensure your number is unblocked before requesting a booking.

Our receptionist will ask you some personal details for confirmation upon booking. This information must be taken for security reasons, and is not negotiable. If you have privacy concerns, remember that our escort agencies entire business and repeat clientele relies on discretion.

A text message, email or phone call that is polite and straightforward is appreciated. Simply introduce yourself, give your location as well as your preferred date, time and duration of the booking. If you’re leaving a message, please advise if you have a preferred contact method or time to reach you.

Be respectful and courteous in your contact, and she will respond well. The use of vulgar or offensive language is not acceptable.

Do not haggle over prices – they are not negotiable. At this agency, you get what you pay for so you should be nothing more than pleased to pay for the amazing experience and time you get to spend with one of our high end courtesans.

Remember that although our discreet escorts will sometimes be available at short notice, pre booking is usually preferred.


Meeting your lady

Please have the fee ready for your escort upon arrival. Allow her a minute or two, to check that everything is in order and that the amount is correct. She will count any cash payments in front of you to ensure there is no dispute over what was paid. Credit card payments will be taken over the phone with the receptionist. Upon arrival the lady will take an imprint of your credit card and a signature for security purposes.

A nice greeting is always a good way to start and can ensure your time together is as comfortable and fun as it can be. Be warm with her, enjoy the conversation and remember that a little sense of humour goes a long way. This will make you feel relaxed, you will connect with her, and at the same time, allowing time for her to connect with you. It may be a short time, but a beautiful chemistry starts happening and prepares both of you for what is yet to come.


The intimacy

This is the best part of the escort service, the one you have been waiting for. So let her make you feel good, she knows how.

But never get so carried away with sexual excitement that you overstep her boundaries. Please always respect her wishes.
There must be a good communication and understanding from the beginning what services she does and doesn’t provide.

Natural intercourse is never condoned. For your safety, as much as hers. Please save yourself the embarrassment and never ask for natural or unprotected sex. We do not accept cancellation on the ground a lady has not provided natural services.


There will be times where you just can’t get enough of her, and you will want her to stay longer. If your high class escort has no other engagements, she might be able to stay. It is expected for payment to be made at the beginning of any extended time.

Maid of Honey escorts are extremely knowledgeable and well learned at what they do. They can teach you many advanced sexual techniques and are open to answering questions about women that most people won’t discuss. Our escorts can help you sharpen your sexual skills and take you to places of euphoria you have only ever dreamed of.