How to become a Maid of Honey

We are a discreet outcall escort agency in Sydney and we are looking for ladies who want a life of glamour, the girls who know how to treat themselves and want the best life has to offer. An independent, completely free lifestyle with no schedules or restrictions might sound like a dream… but at Maid of Honey that is what we specialise in. We want to provide only the best and that starts with what we can offer you.

To be considered as part of our 'family' you must not only be very fit, healthy and charming, you must also be a warm hearted friendly person, with a humble soul and a loving nature. Confidence is fine as long as it is combined with consideration and respect for others. We ourselves here at Maid of Honey are down to earth and kind, thus, we expect the same from anyone we work with. A truly high class escort is gracious and shows charm to everyone at all times, regardless of the situation. She never forgets what her purpose is, whilst she is enjoying herself. To be with a true gentleman you must first be a real lady.

Life as you know it can change in an instant, make the change today that your future self will thank you for. At Maid of Honey our focus is on you. We understand that to move forward, we have to give back. We only want to provide the safest and most comfortable working conditions possible. At Maid of Honey we reward loyalty with loyalty.

We know that providing the best possible service to the client starts with you and that’s why Maid of Honey aim, as we grow, to offer benefits far beyond those offered by anyone else in the industry. This is one of the best escort agency employment opportunites in Sydney.

This glamorous life with Maid of Honey can be yours if you are looking for escort employment in Sydney, you have come to the right place. We’re only a casual conversation away and our interviews are very confidential. We look forward to chatting over coffee and answering all your questions, 
you must be curious right...?


email: (please send two recent photos - no nudes) and a contact number.
phone: 0451 388 022